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Valentino virtual museum


Cristóbal Balenciaga Exhibition

If you are in New York between November 19 – February 19, you should visit the Cristóbal Balenciaga exhibition curated by Hamish Bowles at  Queen Sofía Spanish Institute on the Upper East Side.

The Dangerous Book Four Boys

Actor James Franco is doing art now. This summer he had his first solo exhibition in New York “The Dangerous Book Four Boys”. The exhibition presents sculpture, photography, drawing, film and video all of which centers on ideas of boyhood and the sexual awakening of the early teenage years.

Lady Warhol

I can not wait to visit Fotografiska in Stockholm in November. Sadly the exhibition Lady Warhol is not opened yet, it opens december 10th and will show a never before seen portrait series with Andys alter ego Lady Warhol.

Back in Black (Marina is back!)

Hey all! So today will be essentially my final post for Fresh Fish -I have a few more things to share in the future (including an interview with Richard Haines and my contributions to the coverage of New York Fashion Week -I’ll be at a few shows most likely so I’ll do what I can).  Marina will start blogging from SPAIN asap and I sure she will have so many amazing things to share!  For now I will show you three awesome sculptures that are placed on the median of Park Avenue.  They are by Mia Westerlund Roosen and they are beautiful:

French Kiss:

The Juggler:

And my personal fave, Baritone:

More information about Mia and the exhibition here:

It has been a pleasure sharing NYC with all of you fabulous Fresh Fish!  Thank you for all of your e mails and feel free the keep NYC questions coming -I’m happy to help!  Like I said, I still have my interview with Richard Haines to share but this will be my last post.  I can’t wait to see what Marina has to share with us from Spain!!

Signing off,


A rainy night in the city…

West Side Highway:

A barge in the Hudson

Really interesting pipes along the pier

American flag at the Intrepid

No matter how old I get the Intrepid will never cease to amaze me

Empire State Building through the rain

Chelsea Art Museum (LOVE their logo)

New building -gotta get more info cause it’s very interesting

The IAC building by Frank Gehry -I love the structure but I strongly dislike the gradient of the glass… it’s tacky.

IAC again

Jeffrey! the one shot I got with the window down (and ended up soaked because of it!)

The puddles outside of Milk Studios

Exciting things coming soon -an interview with Richard Haines!

Summer Sundays

I’ve been on a bit of a music kick lately -here’s my latest.  Paramore’s acoustic cover of Kings Of Leon’s “Use Somebody” -it’s great and Hayley Williams is adorable!

Paramore – Use Somebody


Mind & Matter: Alternative Abstractions 1940s – Now

Says MoMA (Exhibition Website):

“This exhibition presents a dozen international artists whose abstract work features idiosyncratic, organic forms, materials that appear to be malleable and pliable, craft-based techniques, and, in many cases, an engagement with gender and sexuality. Drawn from the collection of The Museum of Modern Art, the installation features drawings, prints, books, and sculptures by artists including Louise Bourgeois, Gego, Mona Hatoum, Yayoi Kusama, Anna Maria Maiolino, and Zarina. New acquisitions on view for the first time include Louise Bourgeois’s drawing Femme Maison (1947), sculptures, prints, and drawings by Alina Szapocznikow, and drawings and prints by Atsuko Tanaka.”


Experimental Women in Flux

Says MoMA:

In the spirit of MoMA’s publication of Modern Women: Women Artists at The Museum of Modern Art in June 2010, the Museum Library features experimental works by women that form part of the newly acquired Silverman Fluxus Collection Reference Library. With a focus on artists’ books, event scores, exhibition catalogues, periodicals, and examples of the alternative press, the exhibition includes publications by Alison Knowles, Takako Saito, Mieko Shiomi, Yoko Ono, Dorothy Iannone, and others.

Marina Abramovic and her 101 snakes

The Marina Abramovic exhibition at MOMA is now over and I am very glad over the fact that I got to see it. Something that I will never forget. Although I never got the chance to sit by Marina herself it was interesting to see others do it. For you who have not seen the exhibition, make sure you go here. Some peoples epressions are just, I dont have any words for it. Just watch for yourself.

Patti Smith sitting oposite of Marina Abramovic.

For the ending night of her exhibition (after 700 hours of sitting down) Givenchy and  Ricardo Tisci had a party for Marina. Ricardo Tisci and Marina made a jacket out of 101 snakes and this is how Marina feels about fashion:
You know when you’re in the 70s and you’re an artist and you wear nail polish and lipstick they don’t take you seriously. You look like you want to sleep with the curator. I love vanity and I love fashion and I don’t have shame to tell it. His work is magical, but he’s good looking, too, that really counts.

There are also rumors that Marina will art direct Givenchys upcoming runway show. Interesting, I hope it is true.

Marina with Ricardo in her jacket.

Ricardo Tisci also sat down at the exhibition for 2 minutes.

It is hard to explain the feelings that runs through your body while walking into the exhibition. All the naked bodies, Marina’s story, they are all so powerfull. It is interesting to me how she used her body as a medium, as an art form. To tell a story with your body is perhaps the most disclosure thing you can do. To be naked infront of other people is perhaps the most insecure position you can be in.
At first I was asking myself why some people were crying while sitting oposite of her. And then I understood, of course they are crying. I belive that I would cry as well. Some say that if you look deep enough into someones eyes you can see their emotions. I believe that those who sat oposite of her, got the chance to look her that deep in her eyes that they feelt what she is feeling. Just to watch her body language sitting there I got shivers. I can not even imagine what I would feel sitting there for a while. Some part of me is glad that I did not, another part of me is regretting it.

If you don’t belong, don’t be long

Scott Campbell is not only a famous tattoo artist, he is also an artist. If you are in New York before May 30th you should stop by OHWOW gallery on 109 Crosby Street. I really wish that I could see this, it looks very unique and cool. Scott is presenting his aesthetic via sculptures, paintings and drawings. You can also experience three-dimensional pieces. From what I have seen this is something you should not miss.


Det är något speciellt med konstnären Damien Hirst (förutom alla döda djur och blod). Jag har fastnat för något jag inte kan sätta fingret på och det är egentligen konstigt med tanke på att han är världens rikaste levande konstnär. Samma dag som Damien sålde konst för miljoner gick Amerikanska banken Lehman Brothers i konkurs. Jag fascineras. I senaste numret av tidningen TAR har Hirst lekt med Kate Moss ansikte. Vad tycker ni? Äckligt eller nytänkande? 

Bild: TFS