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Sorry, No Internet

Bonjour dear readers, so sorry for being absent these past days but I’m on vacation with no internet. I will be back in Sweden tomorrow and everything will be back to normal again. I got these trousers the other day, so lovely from my favorite Oysho.


I spent sunday and monday together with Hanna and several other bloggers at Radisson Blu Riverside hotel. It was bloggforum 2013. The hotel was lovely and the restaurant spoiled us with really nice food. I got to meet new people which is always lovely and visit some cool places in gothenburg such as the Nudie Jeans offices and Color House. Both of these offices were really something, I got inspired and amazed. Here are some snaps, thank you for two perfect days.

Photos: Me & Hanna. Unfortunately my camera dies just before we went to Nudie. However, Hanna has some cool shoots here.


I can’t get enough. Best shoe out there.


So, here’s three updates on Isabel Marant (who we will never get tired of). Her way of mixing chic, elegant and sporty is unique and it suits me perfectly. Here’s one more image from the spring campaign.

Then the lookbook for the spring étoile collection which has this beautiful starprint that I got in the skirt/shorts as well as the college sweater which is super soft. These two pieces are easy to match with everything else in my closet, excellent!


What better way to start 2013 than with spring inspiration by the master Isabel Marant. This is what I want to look like this spring.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my readers. I’m thankful over the fact that you read my blog. I’m currently on vacation. I will be back next week, the first of January. I guess I was a really nice girl this year since I got the Céline bag I wanted. Lovely!


Nu är det bara två dagar kvar för att OSA till eventet som jag skrev om tidigare (osa fresh fish i ämnesraden till Förutom att jag och Hanna kommer att prata om vårens trender och vad man behöver i garderoben har Du chansen att vinna en hel outfit och få en exklusiv förhandsvisning av vårkollektionerna från bland andra min favorit By Zoe. Jag fotade några av mina favoriter från våren sist jag besökte A Factory. Ni får också en smygtitt på lookbooken. Hoppas att vi ses Onsdag 19/12 hos A Factory.

Några av mina favoritlooks, deras jackor är perfektion.

Hos A Factory. Massa fina färger, mönster och combos.

Och grymma byxor av franska S.enSoie. 

Eventet igen..


I will take this one in swedish since it’s only for my readers here.
Kära läsare, jag har fått möjligheten att bjuda in er till ett superfint event. Jag och Hanna från Metro kommer att prata lite om vårens trender samtidigt som ni får en exklusiv förhandstitt på kollektionerna hos A Factory. Vi dricker lite glögg, vin och inspireras!
Läs mer på inbjudan nedan och glöm inte att osa senast 14/12 till (skriv freshfish i ämnesraden). Hoppas att vi ses där!

(klicka på bilden så blir den större)


Interview with STINE A from STINE A JEWELRY

I first saw Stine A’s jewelry at Mouche a couple of years ago. It was love at first sight. Since then it’s been a beautiful love affair. Whenever I wear Stine A I get a compliment and now when I got these 2 necklaces I will always wear something Stine A (I usually wear my earrings). I love the simple gold chain, with little details. It’s classic, simple and goes with everything, just like a piece of jewelry should.  The longer chain, so unique and almost magically pretty. I love that there is something going on all the way through and wherever you look at it you find a detail, so smart.
I was so happy when I got an interview with Stine A. If you get the chance, visit her showroom where you can get inspiration. If you want to see more of her unique pieces visit her shop here or like her Facebook page. My next buy will be a ring, or those feather/star earrings.

My new pieces.

What pieces are you’re favorites for spring, summer,
fall, winter?

For autumn and winter, I love to wear long
necklaces on top of chunky knits, because the
chains adds a cool contrast to the romantic
woolen-look! For summer, I prefer to wear a
mix of gold and black rhodinated jewelry –
looks great with sun kissed skin and summer

What’s a must?

I have a “thing” for vests… My huge collection
of these, contains vests in almost every color,
material, and print. So I guess that would
be my must-have. They just looks good with
everything, and are just a very easy way to
give a dull outfit an update. Looks great with
Necklaces too!

Which three items are most important in a closet?

A pair of skinny jeans, a short, printed jacket,
and of course – Jewelry!!

What inspires you?

I get inspired all the time, by many things in
my everyday life: My friends, the sound of good
music, foreign magazines and looking out of
my window (My house is located in the middle
of the beautiful Danish nature, which means:
green trees everywhere!) The Women who
attend to my shopping-events also inspires me
very much!

Which is your favorite piece in your closet?

My new printed “MAKI” silk bomber-jacket from
By Zoé is just amazing, and I love love love my
new-designed “petit feather” earrings! they are

What’s your favorite jewelry piece?

Oh – So hard to choose because I love each
and every piece of jewelry I have designed. But
right at the moment, I am completely and utterly
in love with my new “rivet” collection. It keeps
the perfect balance between feminine and raw!
I am so enormously proud of this collection,
which is the biggest I have designed so far (if
you judge by quantity of styles)!

What’s style according to you?

Women with the ability to highlight the good
and beautiful in them, and dress after their
figure!! If you have a good pair of legs, nice
hands, a killer-ass, or maybe a beautiful waist -
then highlight it, and don’t hide it away – “If you
got it – flaunt it!”
I have to mention the girls working in the
Swedish shop “Mouche” – they have such an
inspiring style, and I love the way they wear
my jewelry! They manages to impress me with
their amazing style, every single time they are
visiting Copenhagen!”

Any style tips?

Makeup and jewelry makes a huge difference,
and kind of increases the overall look, to a
whole another level! Add print to a completely
black outfit, to make the outfit more personal.

What are you reading at the moment and what music
are you listening to?

I love electronic music with a catchy melody
that you can dance to! The favorites are
When Saints Go Machine, Marina and the
Diamonds, Panamah, Donkyboy, Spleen
United, Jamie Woon and old classics like
Sound of Seduction and Kim Wilde! And right
now Vinnie Who’s “How Can I Be So Sure” is
playing on repeat in my showroom!

Currently I solve crossword puzzles, like… all
the time! That’s the closest I get to reading at

the moment (I’m a busy lady) – but if I ever
have the time to read a book, it’s got to be a
thrilling crime novel. I especially enjoy watching
a good crime fiction (preferably Danish or
Swedish) on television, such as Bech and
Valander! That’s the best, if you ask me!!


Wearing a christmas inspired outfit. Red Isabel Marant sneakers with Isabel Marant dress.