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Fall Arrivals at Sukauto

Finally, fall arrivals by A.P.C. at Sukauto and of course I’m loving the navy.



I know I have a few male readers out there so here is a tip for you. If you live in Gothenburg you should visit italigente at Kyrkogatan 13. Beautiful, classic italian leather shoes. They also have a nice blog.


I saw Sofia Coppola’s new movie, Somewhere, last night and I am blown away. Some  know that I love everything about Sofia, and untill now I did have a problem choosing a favorite movie by her. However, Somewhere is the one. Some might say it is very similiar to Lost in translation, and I understand that, it is the lonely main character and his problem. But, this is what Sofia does, this is what she does the best and if she keeps on doing it it will just become better and I am only hoping that the next movie will have the same theme. As always for me, it is hard to put my finger on what it is I love. It is just everything, the mood, the light, the genius script. It is a quiet movie, not much is said, which makes it feel so real. The movie is calm, like even though the feelings are real, the feel so far away. The movie is so realistic that it feels like a dream. There is a scene where Stephen Dorff smokes, and the scene takes as long as smoking a ciggarette does. It is the little things that makes you feel like you are there. I feelt very connected to Stephens character, he did a magical performance.
And then there are all the details, except for the real feel of the movie. The models were everywhere, Erin Wasson, Maryna Linchuck, C.C Sheffield, and even though there were only there for a second, we saw them. The Ed Ruscha painting just standing towards the wall in his Chatau Marmont room. I never saw a movie so naturalistic, and real, I feelt like I could almost smell and feel Stephens feelings. The more I think about the movie, the more I fall in love with it. If I were to make a film, this is it. Sofia is a genius, and I truly hope that her simpleness will be rewarded with another Oscar for this movie. It does not take much to just make you feel something, a real set, a talented actor, a perfect soundtrack and beautiful details. Although it does not take much, Sofia has that extra something, which no one else has, that gives me the chills while watching her movies. And even though Somewhere is very still and calm it is exciting. Sofia does not follow the classic dramaturgy, which makes her a genius.

Another beautiful detail, a real detail. Elle Fanning wore Sofia’s Acne Sweater in two scenes.

Fashions Night In

I must admit, I am kind of jealouse of everyone experiencing Fashions Night Out. However, these news makes it more ok. Brittish Vogue is launching Fashions Night In for online retailers like Asos and Net-A-Porter. Net-A-Porter, for instance, plans to launch a dedicated Party Boutique for the evening, filled with party dresses, shoes, and jewelry picked specifically for the occasion — and free shipping will be offered. The date is said to be November 1st.
Read more here.

Here comes the sun…

finally, at 4:15 in the afternoon the sun is shining -it’s been grey here all day.  I’m heading to the West Village later tonight for dinner so I will take pictures and write a review of the restaurant, as I’ve never been there.  For now, notorious cutie and sunshine-hater, Eric Northman -yum!

My Favorites: Day 2

I’m in the Hamptons for the weekend but that doesn’t mean I can’t bring share some great NYC info!  Today I’m going to tell you all about one of my favorite stores (in the Hamptons & NYC): Madewell

Madewell is a division of J Crew but they are definitely focused on funkier clothing and accessories than the parent brand.

The Hamptons Store (East Hampton)

Madewell NYC -love this illustration!

Linea Pelle wrap bracelet.  I have the top one -wear it all the time!

My Madewell top:

The Madewell bag I got a Super Saturday for 70% off retail!

My Essie Mesemerize polish with my fave Chillewich iPhone case!

My favorite dog, Wendel:

That’s all for now -check out Madewell.  I think I’l head over there this afternoon!

My Favorites: Day 1

I’ve been trying to think of a fun way to share all my favorites places (let’s face it, lists can be bo-ringgg!) an here’s what I’ve got.  The next few weeks, in addition to being my last as a guest blogger for Fresh Fish, are my last days to enjoy NYC before heading back up to school -I need to get the most out of this amazing city and I need to tell you all about it!  So I’ll let you know what I’m up to -where I’m eating, what concerts I’m going to, the can’t miss galleries -etc.  So here goes:

Dean & Deluca

D&D is one of my guilty pleasures -it’s a gourmet grocer and cafe just a block away from my house.  This morning I desperately needed a strong cup of coffee and figured I’d treat myself to one of their delicious pastries. Dean & Deluca has anything and everything you could want for breakfast -croissant, fresh warm muffins, bagels (H&H Bagels, of course -an NYC institution), and the most insanely amazing doughnuts in the world.  This morning I picked up a three berry yogurt muffin (so delicious) but that didn’t stop me from staring at the amazing doughnuts from The Doughnut Plant.  The Doughnut Plant is located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side (379 Grand Street) and has the widest variety of amazing and inventive doughnuts anywhere.  Now I can’t eat something too sweet for breakfast, so when I treat myself to one of these it’s usually as dessert.  My personal favorite are the square peanut butter and jelly doughnuts (just a little bit of not-too-sweet jelly filling inside a fluffy dough with a peanut butter glaze) -yum!

In addition to all the delicious items at the cafe counter D&D has an incredible chocolatier, sushi bar, catering service, and is stocked with the best, hard to find, gourmet, and international ingredients -burrata mozzarella, smoked salmon, handmade organic marshmallows, and delicious fruit preserves (the fig preserves + brie cheese = amazing).

This afternoon I’m going to head over to the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum to check out the National Design Triennial “Why Design Now?” The Triennial features a wide range of design from eco-friendly to the symbolic and sculptural.  I’ll write a review tomorrow after I go!  The Cooper Hewitt also has one of the BEST museum gift shops -check it out! The Shop at Cooper Hewitt

After the museum I will probably take a walk though the park -it’s gorgeous here today.  Then tonight I am going for drinks at the fabulous rooftop lounge of the Hotel Roger Williams.  It’s a great place to have tapas and drinks on a warm summer night.

Alright -off to the museum for me- check back tomorrow for more!


Today is the day -Super Saturday.  I’ve been busy preparing for the momentous event and after I explain a little more about it, and my role in this year’s, you’ll see why I haven’t gotten around to my extended Postelles post quite yet.

Super Saturday is a shopping event in which proceeds raised from the sale of awesome designer clothing (at amazing prices) goes to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.  The event takes place in a field and participating designers, stores, etc., are lined up in rows and rows of tents.  Super Sartuday also features a carnival for the kiddies and delicious food from St. Ambroeus (yum!).  Not only will I be shopping and receiving one of their famously fabulous gift bags, I will also be working with the wonderfully chic One Kings Lane -I can’t wait!

Super Saturday is hot, hectic, start-studded, and for a GREAT cause.  I won’t be back until around 6PM my time, so you may have to check back for the second half of this post tomorrow morning, but trust me, you will not want to miss it when i spill the contents of the gift bag, my personal purchases, and hopefully some fab celeb snapshots!

Must go get ready -can’t be late to THE event of the summer!

The Postelles!

Hey all, 

I’m at work now so I can’t post quite yet but when I get home I will tell you all about the AMAZING Postelles concert last night at the Bowery Ballroom.  I’ve got tons of pics and will tell you all about their music.  If you like The Strokes, you will LOVE The Postelles!  For now here is a picture of the cute boys: Billy, John, David & Daniel in NYC