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Earlier exhibitions
     Tomas Lundgren - October 13th, 2011

It's not interesting for Tomas Lundgren to create completely new images. His visions come from existing objects/images, like a photograph, a text or an object. For Tomas it's the selection and exploration of the object that matters. He consider himself a filter that the old object passes through on it's way to become a new vision or artwork.

Tomas Lundgren is 25 years old and was born and raised in Uddevalla. He has a Bachelor degree in Art from the National University College of Fine Arts in Malmö and is currently on his Masters year at Valand National University College of Fine Arts in Gothenburg.


     Moa Sundkvist - June 16th, 2011
Moa Sundkvist is 22 years old and is raised on Frösön, Jämtland and is currently studying Design at HDK, Gothenburg.

Sundkvist want to tickle our imagination through her art by fusing reality and fiction to blur the line between what is possible. She likes to push the limits of what we can interpit in a motive. Almost all of Sundkvist's drawings are in stencile and she is in her art trying to see space and materials as something that can be descibed with lines and patterns.

   Malin Heikenberg
  Malin Heikenberg has grown up in Nacka, close to Stockholm, and is 27 years of age. She is about to enter her third year in the three year program of free art at Valand in Göteborg. Before that, she spent two years att Pernbys Målarskola and one year at the Basis shool of art, both in Stockholm.

Heikenberg works mainly in oil, often on canvas but also in three dimensional paintings on different geometrical shapes. She creates a captivating world of images that invite the viewer to get a glimpse of a different reality. A reality where time and space are static and the moment dissolves into eternity.
     Johnny Roy Eriksson
    Johnny has grown up in Göteborg and is 32 years old. He has spent two years at the Göteborg´s konstskola (Gothenburg Art School) focusing on sculpture and one year´s study of shaping abstract ideas into works of art.

Eriksson works with installations of monumental proportions where the small man is confronted by the big scale of things. The material in itself is of great interest to Eriksson. He works mainly with Scotch tape, since he is attracted to the sticky feeling of this special material. His works revolves around relationships and narratives, almost like fairytales, with clear references to historical events but also to his own life.

Fresh Fish Gallery's creative director, Ali Davoodi, presents
Johnny Roy Erikssons exhibition at the gallery.

     Fredrik Åkum
Fredrik Åkum is 23 years old and is originally from Kristinehamn but is currently living in Gothenburg.

Fredrik Åkum is a multifaceted artist. Based in the visual arts world he blends and experiments with elements like sound and design to create contrast and give the works a new dimention.

He sees himself as a storyteller and in his paintings he depicts themes as escapism, melancholy and utopian concept. Each image is part of a larger story, but is simultaneously art in its own right and tells its own story.
Despite his young age of 23 he already has a distinct style and a great technical skill when it comes to creating interesting and exciting compositions. Åkum has a huge drive of creativity, and will almost certainly be the next big name in art Sweden.

     Oscar Gard Montán
  28 years old Oscar Gard Montán from Gothenburg has since 2005 been studied ceramic art at HDK. After his graduation in 2008 he is now working on his Master degree.

His favorite material is ceramic and his works are often big and sculptural. He is working very conceptual with naivistic and humoristic orientation.
In the exhibition at Fresh Fish will Oscar show big sculptures under the name of “Protection”. This is his first separate exhibition. With inspiration from the Egyptian mythology and their Gods has Oscar created modern superheroes. He will also show stuffed animals in shields.


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aktuellt utställare